The day I made her happy.
To go through the day : 
Woke up at 9, went to get flowers, daisies and a rose. Cause she’s a rose among the daisies hahaha that’s so cheesy (like the cheese on the pizza and the pickup lines at Baskin Robbins). Then went to bangsar and get dip n dip cause I saw her retweet that she wanted the strawberry dips. Went back near my place to get the pizzas and went to the clubhouse to plan everything out and write the letter on the pizza box. Then it’s just the part where I have to wait for her from tuition and surprise her with green tea. I just wanted to spend my last few days with her and make it special. Glad I could make her smile. I can’t describe how I feel about her. Indescribable. She’s just too amazing to describe. Our interests are similar and that I just can’t stop talking to you. Talking to you, that just makes my day. You don’t see the way I look at you when you’re not looking. She deserved the effort I made for her. Thank you for everything Del.

You are all the starsMy precious angel.All the rings of saturnAnd the moon’s halo.
You’re everything I want.